Welcome to the Village of Arthur Illinois


31 Dec 1969
Grand Army Republic
(Civil War Veterans on Memorial Day)

In the early 1870's, a switch track was needed for the new railroad between Paris and Decatur, Illinois.  Several had been established along this rail line, one being at Arcola, but another was needed between there and Decatur.  It was decided that it would be placed near a road said to be the county line between Moultrie and Douglas counties.  The area was also known as "The Big Slough" (pronounced "slew") because it was so swampy.


A small settlement soon grew up parallel to the railroad track at this new switching place.  The owner of the railroad, Robert G. Hervey, named the new settlement Glascow.  A short time later, fire destroyed the business district on the west side of Vine Street.  When the settlers rebuilt,

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