Welcome to the Village of Arthur Illinois

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Appointed Officials

Village Comptroller

Erica Carter
120 E. Progress Street
PO Box 139
Arthur IL  61911

email:  [email protected]


The Village Comptroller is appointed annually by the President and ratified by the Board of Trustees at the first meeting in May.


The Village Comptroller shall perform the duties required of him or her by law and the provisions of the Village Code, and as he or she may be directed to perform by the President and Board of Trustees.  Some of the duties include:  keeping a separate account of each fund or appropriation, and debits and credits thereto; keeping an accurate register of all warrants redeemed and paid; presenting a monthly report to the Board of Trustees showing the state of the Treasury; and to make out and file an annual report detailing all receipts and expenditures of the Village during the preceding fiscal year.