Welcome to the Village of Arthur Illinois

Village Officials & Staff

Appointed Officials

Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals


  • Kerry Pate - Chairman
  • Jared Blaudow
  • Leonard Beachy
  • Janette Schrock
  • William Salrin


Appointed Officials are individuals who perform their duties under the direction of the Board of Trustees.  Like the Board of Trustees, Appointed Officials are dedicated to serving the residents and community of the Village of Arthur.


The Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals consists of eight members who are appointed by the President and such appointments are ratified by the Board of Trustees.  All members of this Board serve without pay.

The Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals shall hear and decide appeals from any order, requirements, decision or determination made by the Enforcing Officer.  It shall also hear and decide all matters referred to it or upon which it is required to pass under the Zoning Title.

The Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals does not have the power or authority to alter or change the Zoning Title or the district map; such power and authority is reserved for the Board of Trustees.