Welcome to the Village of Arthur Illinois

Services and Departments


The Village President is the Chief Executive Officer for the Village and is elected at-large to a four-year term. The President presides over Village Board meetings and usually does not vote unless a tie occurs.  As chief executive officer of the Village, the President is responsible for seeing that all laws and ordinances are enforced.  Under the Illinois Liquor Control Act, the President is the Local Liquor Control Commissioner.


The Village President acts as the official representative for the Village and attends numerous functions on its behalf each year.  The President participates in our festivals, meets with our governmental representatives and senators, supports our school events, rides in parades, attends ribbon cutting ceremonies for new businesses, but above all else, the President takes the time to listen and speak to our residents about their concerns.


The Deputy Clerk/Comptroller serves as a public information center by providing a wide range of services vital to the operation and welfare of the community.  The Deputy Clerk keeps all records belonging to the Village in safe keeping as well as maintaining updated codification of the Village ordinances.   The Deputy Clerk also oversees all human resource areas including:  payroll, health insurance, retirement, and other employee benefits and is the risk management coordinator for the Village's liability and workers' compensation insurance and maintains OSHA documents.  The Deputy Clerk also takes the reservations for our Community Building and maintains the Village website.


As the Village Comptroller, the Deputy Clerk receives, deposits and accounts for all monies paid to the Village.  Some of the duties include:  keeping a separate account of each fund or appropriation, and debits and credits thereto; keeping an accurate register of all warrants redeemed and paid; presenting a monthly report to the Board of Trustees showing the state of the Treasury; and to make out and file an annual report detailing all receipts and expenditures of the Village during the preceding fiscal year.  The Deputy Clerk also helps develop the Village's annual budget and tax levy.